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The Cycle of Our Lives

In Jewish tradition, rituals and blessings are used to commemorate and mark the major moments of our lives.

The power of life cycle ritual flows as much from the ritual itself as from the support of the community that joins together to embrace the occasion.

Below is useful information to arrange and observe any life cycle event at University Synagogue.


When a baby is born the whole congregation celebrates! Every family has the opportunity of introducing their new baby girl or boy to the congregation at a Shabbat service with a naming ceremony. Some parents prefer a private ceremony before or after services.  If you need assistance with a bris or naming, contact the office for more information.


The process of becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important journey—one that prepares children to embrace their responsibilities for both our tradition and the Jewish community. Throughout this journey, our Rabbi, Cantor, tutors and teachers guide and support our students to ensure that they will ascend the bimah proudly and confidently.

Please contact the office to choose a date at least two years before your child’s 13th birthday.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring is once a week for six months and is in addition to Religious School. For those unable to attend our Religious School, additional private tutoring can be arranged.


Rabbi Rachlis and Cantor Braier officiate at all marriages, including interfaith and same sex marriages. We offer options both at University Synagogue for your ceremony or can travel to your chosen wedding location, depending on your wants and needs. Please contact the Rabbi before you choose the date to be certain of their availability and then schedule an appointment to meet them prior to the wedding.


Every Friday evening at services, we list the names of those who are ill and ask for additional names to be called out from our congregation. The Rabbi is available to call or visit the sick.

Please contact us whenever you know of someone’s illness or if you or a family member needs assistance.


When a loved one dies, the Rabbi will meet with you and your family before the funeral to talk about your loved one and to describe the service and mourning customs, such as shiva. Our Caring Committee can, for the cost of the refreshments, provide deli platters and open up your home after the funeral if you wish.

Anytime after one month, but usually close to a year later, an unveiling/dedication of the gravestone takes place. Contact the Rabbi to schedule a date and time.


Our synagogue has a lovely Tree of Remembrance on which you can dedicate leaves in memory of departed loved ones.  Rabbi Rachlis dedicates new leaves during Shabbat services.

On a yahrzeit, the anniversary of a death, we send reminders to our congregants with a sample ceremony and the Kaddish memorial prayer. At each Friday evening service, Rabbi Rachlis reads the names of those whose yahrzeit dates have been given to the office on the annual membership form. Rabbi Rachlis also asks for additional names to be called.


Our Simcha Tree of Life in the Sanctuary reminds us that all of the joys of our lives are not to be taken for granted.

You can add your loved ones’ simchas to our Tree, share your nachas with our congregation, and honor your family and friends. Rabbi Rachlis dedicates new leaves at Shabbat services.

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