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“Have You Ever Wanted To Be An Actor?”

04/22/2024 10:26:32 AM


Dear Haverim,


The Haggadah is a script and everyone around the table gets to be part of the drama!  “Improv” is even better – using the stories as a jumping-off point for animated discussion, spirited singing, intergenerational learning and profound introspection.



“Nothing Has Prepared Us Either! – Celebrating Pesach At A Difficult Time”

04/16/2024 08:49:23 AM


Dear Haverim,

Five months ago, Berkeley Law School Dean and University Synagogue member Erwin Chemerinsky spoke at our congregation about his Los Angeles Times Op Ed, “Nothing Has Prepared Me For The Anti-Semitism I See On College Campuses Now.”  The situation was bad then and it’s worse now, especially for Erwin and his wife, Berkeley Law Professor Catherine...Read more...

“Women’s Shabbat Is For Everyone!” – Join Us This Friday Evening at 7:00 p.m. Find Information On Our Upcoming Seders and A Blessing For Today’s Eclipse.

04/08/2024 09:44:23 AM


Dear Haverim,

Whatever your gender identity, Women’s Shabbat is for you!  We’re observing it during the Hebrew month of Nisan, the month of liberation, ten days before Pesach, so you’ll truly be inspired for your Sedarim. 


The readings, chosen by Sherry Clark, will focus on the power...Read more...

Wed, April 24 2024 16 Nisan 5784