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“Looking Back And Ahead With Gratitude To Everyone”

03/11/2024 09:53:24 AM


Dear Haverim,


As your first rabbi over the last 33 years,  I have always been so grateful for how you have shared this exciting journey of Judaism and life with me.  You have given me purpose, friendship and fellowship and you have made my rabbinate meaningful, allowing me to teach and comfort you. 


Between “Before Ramadan” and “The Day After” – This Shabbat at 7:00 p.m

03/04/2024 03:31:29 PM


Dear Haverim,

The Israel-Hamas War has continued for five months, initiated by Hamas’ wanton and hateful murders and kidnapping on Shabbat morning, October 7.  There are still over 100 Israeli and other hostages in Gaza and tragically the bodies of 30 more dead hostages.


“Bring Them Home Now”...

“Decision 2024:  Choosing Our New Rabbi.”  This Friday Evening at 7:00 p.m

02/21/2024 11:09:02 AM


Dear Haverim,


There are a lot of TV ads and flyers in the mail and there will be plenty more during this election year, so don’t forget to vote! 


But the most important decision that University Synagogue will make as a congregation this year will be...Read more...

Wed, April 24 2024 16 Nisan 5784