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Traveling with Rabbi Rachlis, Cantor Braier and University Synagogue

Over the last few weeks, I’ve sent this letter by email to you. We’ve gotten over 40 responses, but I realize that not everybody reads their emails, so I also want to reach you through my blog. I’ve extended the RSVP date by a few days in case you are interested in traveling, but didn’t see the previous emails.

As you know, our many University Synagogue tours to Israel and Copenhagen, Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Israel, Jordan and Turkey, Spain and Morocco, Argentina and Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany and France and Spain were great successes. Members of University Synagogue, and their relatives and friends, have joined me and Ruti in a series of most unforgettable experiences. Over 250 men, women and children have traveled together over the years and they have had incredible opportunities not only in encountering ancient and modern history, but also in meeting fascinating people, including diplomats and activists, as well as artists and writers.

Fun, learning, friendship and a deep connection to our Jewish heritage have characterized these tours. Our travelers have met Jews just like us and those who were very different; they have faced the complexity of political and social issues and have rejoiced in the optimism and hope that was often evident. Most importantly, they have discovered just how much being Jewish mattered to them and how much more there is to learn and discover.

Please help us plan our 2015 trip by filling out the brief attached questionnaire and returning it to “University Synagogue Tours” to our office by December 8, 2014. Please respond only if you are serious about traveling with University Synagogue next year. The final itinerary will be emailed to the whole congregation by the end of December, but we will only offer a trip if enough people reply to this letter by December 8.

Please respond by December 8, 2014

Questionairre Form – click here

December 1st 2014 |