Our Sanctuary

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Welcome Under Our Tent

Sanctuary New Ark_2.3.16

Our sanctuary’s ceiling is composed of billowing canvas fabric representing the tent of Abraham and Sarah, in which, according to Jewish tradition, all the flaps were open so Abraham and Sarah could look around in all directions to welcome in any stranger walking by, inviting them in for food, rest and friendship.

Circle of Life

A “circle of life” surrounds our sanctuary creating a seamless, flowing path from the moment one enters our building.  The bima is circular as well, emphasizing that we are all part of this eternal circle/cycle of life and nature.  Even more, our building is surrounded by natural beauty – for we are next door to the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary with its “urban forest” and “sea and sage” Audubon environment.

A Spiritual Home for All

This artistic metaphor represents the welcoming congregation that University Synagogue has always aspired to be—open to seekers from every background, to believers and skeptics, to those learned in our tradition and those not, to everyone in search of meaning, relevance and inclusive community.