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Jewish Identity Through Music

Words and rituals have power, but they soar when combined with music. At University Synagogue we believe that music elevates our experience, blending word and spirit, providing its own language of joy, hope, and connection to the past.  Cantor Braier leads and inspires us to connect to Judaism through the beauty of music.

From Pre-School to Religious School, music is ever present in our children’s Jewish education.  Our Children’s Choir, Adult Choir  and Young Cantors Ensemble are all opportunities for the musical voice of our congregation.  From our house band to our children’s band to visiting musicians – music is integral to life at our shul.

Shabbat Alive CD

Click on each link below to sample songs from Cantor Ruti Braier’s CD – Shabbat Alive:

L’ Cha Dodi – Welcoming The Shabbat Queen 
Barchu – Praise Adonai
Mi Chamocha – Who Is Like You 
Mizmor L’ David – A Psalm of David
 You Shall Love – V’ahavta
Ma Gadlu – How Great Are Your Deeds 
Shalom Rav – Great Peace
 D’ ror Yikra – Proclaim Liberty
Ahavat Olam – Eternal Love
 Adon Olam – Eternal God 
Mi Sheberach – A Prayer For Healing