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Please Join Us For High Holy Days 5777

Member Ticket Request

Tickets are complimentary for members whose dues are current and have renewed their synagogue membership for the 2016-2017 fiscal year and have paid 25% of their dues by September 1. High Holy Day tickets WILL NOT be automatically mailed. You must send in your request for tickets by using the link below.

Members’ children under the age of 30, residing at home or at college, may receive complimentary High Holy Days tickets. Please include the names and ages of eligible children.

Seats are not assigned and we ask that they not be saved. In order to honor our most generous donors, and members who have reached the age of 90, a number of seats will be reserved throughout the sanctuary.

Click here to request your member tickets online

Ticket Requests: Families of Members

Guest tickets for members’ family not residing in the member’s home (including parents, grandparents and children 30 and up) are available for $100 per ticket, with a maximum cost of $500 per family.

Click here to purchase member other family tickets online

Non-Member Ticket Request

A limited number of tickets are available for $275 per adult and $125 per child, with a maximum cost of $800 per family. Non-members who join University Synagogue by November 2, 2016 will receive full credit of the cost of High Holy Days tickets toward membership dues. Seating for non-members will be in the Social Hall directly behind the Sanctuary.

Click here to purchase non-member tickets online.

Full-time College or Graduate Students

Full-time students (college or graduate school) under the age of 30 may receive complimentary High Holy Days tickets. A copy of the current student ID, showing full time status must be included with the ticket order form.  Please contact the office for more information.

Children’s Programming

University Synagogue will provide stimulating, age appropriate educational programs for all children from grade 2 through Bar/Bat Mitzvah  (meals and snacks provided). Children’s programming is available for all members, guests and non-members.  Click here for more info on Children’s Programming.


Our High Holy Days prayerbook, Kol Haneshamah, Prayerbook for the Days of Awe, can be purchased for $45 per copy. We will hold purchased books at our will call desk in the synagogue lobby prior to services. Order deadline is Friday, September 9. 

Click here to purchase prayerbooks online

High Holy Days Greetings

University Synagogue will create a special publication where you can share your Jewish New Year’s greetings with family, friends and fellow congregants. For just $36 per message, you can wish the entire University Synagogue community a “Happy New Year” for 5777 with a message up to 30 words, while also supporting the congregation.

Click here to purchase High Holy Day Greetings online

Yizkor Memorial Book

It is a mitzvah to honor our beloved deceased relatives and friends by reciting Yizkor (memorial prayers) on Yom Kippur afternoon. Make this year’s Yizkor service special. We invite you to send us the names of your deceased loved ones. The 2016-17 Yizkor Memorial Book will include all names that were listed last year. Please use the link below if you have any additional loved ones you’d like to include.. The final deadline for inclusion of names in the Yizkor book is September 9, 2016.

Click here for Yizkor inclusion online

Break-The-Fast Meal

Break-The-Fast will be catered by Parties by Panache: Assorted Bagels and Cream Cheese; Smoked Salmon Platter with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and capers; Tuna Salad; Egg Salad; Fresh Fruit Platter; Mediterranean Platter with hummus, roasted peppers and olivada, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, olives, feta cheese and pita bread; Noodle Kugel and a Mini Dessert Platter.

Adults $30; Children 12 and under: $15. Free for children age 2 and under. RSVP no later than Monday, October 3

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