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Guest Performance and Selichot Services

Saturday Night, September 24, 7:30 pm

Join University Synagogue for Selichot – a time for individual introspection, special prayers and readings.

“Biblical Stories, Contemporary Lives: Beyond Jacob’s Ladder” will be the program, performed by the Jewish Women’s Theatre of LA.

In August, 2015, a group of writers and artists gathered in LA in a Theatre Workshop to study the story and themes generated by a biblical story of Jacob, concentrating on Genesis 25:19-37. Reconstructionist Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, who led the group, brought in Midrash, poetry, artwork and other readings inspired by this portion to help illuminate its themes. Artists and writers then were challenged to create original contemporary vignettes based on the teachings and stories generated from all of this material. The vignettes in our Selichot presentation are the result of this intense workshop experience to examine the connections between Biblical tales and our complicated lives today. They attempt to reflect genuine feelings and thoughts on many of the issues we all face. The dialogue and self-recognition one experiences during this performance will give all of us much to think about during the High Holy Days and for years to come.


7:30pmOneg & Social Hour
8:00pmHavdalah Service
8:15pmJewish Women’s Theatre Presents “Biblical Stories, Contemporary Lives: Beyond Jacob’s Ladder”
9:30pmSelichot services, traditional prayers and modern readings prepare us spiritually for the High Holy Days

The performance has been generously underwritten by Selichot Patrons and is presented free of charge to members and guests.