2015 Kallah Topics

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For over twenty years, one of the best ways to meet University Synagogue members, learn about Judaism and have fun has been the Kallah/Retreat.

We’ve studied Spirituality and Tradition, Reconstructionism, Ethics, Biblical Heroes, Yiddish Culture, American Judaism, Comparative Judaism, Shabbat, Israel, Mysticism, Judaism and Nature, Modern Jewish Thought, Imagining the Jewish Future, and so much more. The topics come from those who plan to attend, so we need your ideas now – by Friday, Feb. 13 – and your attendance from May 1-3 at the Pomona Conference Center, less than an hour from Irvine.

Click here for a description of last year’s Kallah. There are so many wonderful moments for adults and children at the Kallah, so many deep and memorable experiences of Jewish and human growth and of meaning and community.

So, for now, please respond to the questionnaire below only if you intend to go to the Kallah:

If there are two adults in your home, each should respond. Vote for all that you want, in order, putting “1” before your first choice, etc.


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Reconstructionist Beliefs and Practices

Women In The Bible

Interpersonal Ethics

Social Justice

Business Ethics

Understanding The Shabbat Service

Torah/Bible Study

Talmudic Ethics

Modern Jewish History

American Jewish History: 1654 to 2015

Lessons From the Holocaust For Today

Zionism and Israel

The Future of Judaism and the Jewish People

Jewish Poetry

Lifecycle: Rituals and Beliefs of Birth Through Death

Other Ideas