Letter From Our Rabbi and Cantor’s Dog

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Dear Humans,

It’s “ruff” being a dog. Especially at Purim time. It’s “arf-ul.” Therefore, I’ve got a bone to pick with all of you. All the kids and adults get to dress up in costumes, laugh at really silly jokes, make noise as the Megillah is read and have fun at the Purim Carnival. Some even wear animal costumes –imagine the chutzpah! Do I try to dress up as a person for Purim?

All I get to do is see the Rabbi and Cantor joyfully leave home for University Synagogue for Purim services. Sometimes they let me taste some hamantaschen or they put a bow as a costume on me for the holiday. A bow! Bow-wow…big deal. I want the real thing. All of you are so lucky. You can go to services and celebrate to your heart’s content. As you know, Purim’s not just for children or families, it’s for “everyone;” but apparently not for dogs! You should go because it’s got a really important story of Jewish heroism and courage and the necessity to exercise power wisely in the Diaspora. It’s got a great feminist hero – Esther – and a truly wise man – Mordecai – and it’s a wonderful “tail.”

You can study all about it on Friday night, March 14, with the Rabbi and then celebrate it on Saturday night, March 15. Maybe I’ll try to sneak in on Saturday night, March 15, during the pre-service Purim Carnival, which also continues after the service. Maybe people will think I’m just a little girl in an Old English Sheep Dog costume. Why shouldn’t pets be able to celebrate Purim? Please “paws” and see it my way. I’m part of a Jewish family. I hope to have a Bark-Mitzvah some day! I’m not just proud of being British, but also Yiddish. After all, isn’t “Dogliness” next to Godliness! Try spelling God backwards and see what you get. Even atheists believe in dogs!

I hope to see you at services. Looking forward to licking you.

Chag Sameach,





March 1st 2014 |