Let’s All Be At The Gala To Honor Sue And Heidi

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We have been blessed with two extraordinary Jewish educators – Sue Penn, our Educational Director, and Heidi Kahn, our Pre-School Director. The dynamic growth and impressive quality of both our Religious School and our Pre-School are due to them. They came to us with experience and maturity and it shows. They are dynamic and sensitive and adored by their students, their students’ parents, their teachers and our congregation, at large.

 Sue also coordinates our extremely diverse Adult Education program and has won so much appreciation from the adults of our congregation. We are also so proud that Sue was elected by her peers across the United States and Canada to be Chair of RENA, the Reconstructionist Educators of North America and that Heidi was honored with the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation Master Teacher Award and the Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education a few years ago.

Sue and Heidi are respected by their fellow educators across the county and across the country and, because they are part of our synagogue professional team, University Synagogue’s profile in our community has been enhanced.

Sue and Heidi learned to love Judaism in their native South Africa and they honed their teaching and Judaic skills here in California. So we are now the grateful beneficiaries of their love for children and teaching, their great ability to guide other teachers and their passion for raising the next generation of proud Jews and altruistic human beings.

That is why our congregation has chosen to honor Heidi and Sue at our Gala Dinner on Saturday night, May 17. There will be lots of fun, feasting, dancing, bidding on terrific auction items and opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones.

Even if you don’t usually go to such dinners, come to this one. We owe it to Sue and Heidi for dedicating their lives to our children and to all the children of our shared Jewish and human future. See you there. RSVP now.

Best wishes for a joyous and liberating Pesach.


Rabbi Arnold Rachlis 

April 1st 2014 |