Youth Groups

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crownWe are delighted to introduce our dynamic and engaging Youth Groups for kids from K -12th grades led by our Youth Directors, Michael Dreyfuss and Jordana Kahn.

US Kids
Our K through 5th graders are the US Kids. They will meet numerous times throughout the year, both on and off campus in carefully selected engaging and inclusive activities. These activities are designed to build relationships between our students, letting them make friends and get to know their classmates on a social level. All activities are chaperoned by our professional staff.

US Tweens
US Tweens is where our 6th-8th graders have a safe, fun place to hang out with other Jewish tweens. They participate in carefully chosen social activities, building relationships and honing friendships that will take them through the tumultuous middle school years. Various activities are hosted both on and off campus throughout the school year.

US Teens
US Teens are grades 9th – 12th. Whether it’s movie night, an evening of card games, or a field trip, youth group members are simply thrilled to be there together. Events range from beach days to scavenger hunts to social activities. Students are proud not only to be a part of the organization, but also to have a hand in planning events. Teaching leadership, Jewish values, and reminding students that it’s fun to be Jewish!