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Our Staff

Our teachers are chosen for their positive, joyous approach to Judaism.  We strive to make Religious School an engaging, hands-on and exciting experience for our students. Our educators are aware of the awesome responsibility they hold in building our children’s sense of Jewish identity.  They take this responsibility seriously and cherish the opportunity to work with the leaders of our future Jewish community.

Our Programs

Our Religious School programming is innovative and unique.  We understand that different children learn in different ways, so the religious education that we provide for our students  is personalized focusing on each individual student and his/her personal strengths and learning style.

Religious School at University Synagogue

Our Religious School program takes place at University Synagogue each Sunday.  Both Hebrew and Judaica are taught in this setting and students interact with their teachers, Rabbi Rachlis, and Cantor Braier. These students also receive the benefits of music, cooking, science, history, literature, and art specialists whose lessons are closely woven into the framework of our curriculum.

Hebrew skills are taught using a spiral curriculum culminating in familiarity with the Shabbat service, and building basic conversational Hebrew skills.  Hebrew is taught using a virtual platform and skills are enhanced using an engaging technological state of the art program. Our language lab is stocked with wonderful Hebrew software, which not only builds vocabulary and conversational skills but provides an opportunity for students to take their Hebrew knowledge to the next level. Once students have mastered reading and following a service, they have the option of learning conversational Hebrew.

Religious School at Home

This option is available to students who are unable to make it to our regular program. We will customize your children’s Religious School education and either send a teacher or Skype with your children. Please contact our Director of Congregational Learning for further information.

Learn More

If you would like to discuss our exciting programs, Sue Penn, our Director of Congregational Learning, invites you to come, meet with her and tour our facilities. To set a meeting with Sue, contact her at or call 949-553-3535.