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Our Transitional Kindergarten Experience

 by Jennifer Anderson

When I think back to the evolution of our children’s Transitional Kindergarten (TK) experience, I can’t help but laugh a little. I remember feeling so much turmoil over this decision. My husband and I had many conversations about what would be best for our twins: the regular Pre-K class as we had originally planned or placing them in the TK program, which was completely new to us and not something we had even considered. The TK class was comprised of a different peer group, it was a longer day, and considerably more money. Was it worth it?

I can tell you now, after making the decision to place our children in the TK program, that it was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions we have made as parents & definitely worth all of the issues that we were once concerned about. Ultimately, what swayed us to move forward with this decision, was a conversation we had with Heidi. She said to us, “the TK program will be a very stimulating environment for your children.” Her words couldn’t have been more true and our children benefited enormously from this program.

The “special ingredient” that makes the University Synagogue Pre-School TK program as incredible as it is, is due 100% to the teaching team of Dilani & Daniella. The environment they provide in their classroom is filled with love, nurturing, support, stimulation, creativity, structure, and fun. Everyday, I would drop my children off and they were greeted with the most loving and inviting welcome. And as I looked around the room, I saw the most wonderful developmental projects waiting for them. When our children returned from school each day, they were filled with exciting new information regarding all of the activities they had engaged in. Heidi was right – our children were stimulated!

 One of the best experiences of the entire year was their participation in the President’s Day Assembly. All of the children became one of the Presidents, learned to read a speech, memorize it, and recite it in front of the entire school. As I sat in the audience and watched all of the children recite their speeches, I couldn’t believe just how far they all had come. They were filled with such confidence & poise – it was truly incredible.

In two weeks, our children will leave University Synagogue Pre-School and start Kindergarten. Although we are so very sad to be leaving University Synagogue Pre-School, I am thrilled that our children are ready for this new phase in their lives. They have all of the social, emotional, & academic skills necessary for this challenge and my husband & I are so grateful to Heidi, Dilani, & Daniella for an incredible year in the TK program.