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Welcome to University Synagogue Pre-School where your children will smile from the minute they arrive!  Our goal is to instill a love of learning and make each day an exciting adventure for each and every child.  Thank you for entrusting our passionate and enthusiastic staff with the most important years of your child’s development.

Our Philosophy

Children learn best in a warm, nurturing, loving and safe environment.  With an exciting, creative, multi-sensory approach, our teachers create a spark that becomes a thirst for learning.  Our goal is to provide an individualized, non-stressful developmental setting where children are given opportunities to explore, discover and prepare for a successful Kindergarten experience.

Children will also develop a love for Judaism and a positive Jewish identity through music, dance, food and the celebration of holidays.

We believe in a balance of structured learning and time to learn through self-initiated discovery in a wide variety of stimulating learning and play centers.

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