An Unforgettable Day.

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This Sunday, March 22, is one of those days at University Synagogue that no one should miss. At 9:00 a.m., we will do the work of Tikkun Olam at “Mitzvah Morning,” preparing food, assembling toiletry packets, supporting those who defend our country and so much more, as children and adults, of all ages, gather to serve those in need. There’s always high energy, throughout our synagogue, with a dynamic personal and communal sense of purpose and responsibility. For more information, click here.

At 1:00 p.m., we are grateful that, each year, we can present our Biblical Trial series. Legal titans Erwin Chemerinsky and Laurie Levenson will elucidate the Biblical text and make it come alive with creativity, surprise and lots of humor. If you’ve been to our Trial series before, you know that it’s the largest and most interesting Jewish Adult Education event in Orange County of the year. If you’ve never attended, don’t miss it – it’s unforgettable!

Get your tickets now – click here. (The deadline for signing up for the reception is Wednesday.) Bring your family and friends. Treat your lawyer and any future lawyers in your household. And, of course, it’s not for lawyers only or even primarily. If you love the Megillah – the story of Esther – and if you love Purim, you’ll never experience either of them in the same way again!

See you Sunday!

March 17th 2015 |