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global MHealing the World

Judaism is the day to day mitzvot of our hands and our hearts—changing the lives of those whom we willingly encounter, in which the giver and the receiver are both enriched.  Please join with the Tikkun Olam Committee of University Synagogue as we work together to build community within our synagogue and with communities near and far.   The Tikkun Olam committee is active in a wide range of social action programs.

US Cares

US Cares is a program supporting congregants who are encountering difficult times, providing small grants to help with food, gas money, baby-sitting, and other necessities.  US Cares also helps congregants with services, like resume writing, job counseling and navigating support agencies.  In addition, we  provide scholarships for Religious School.

Mitzvah Committee

The Mitzvah Committee responds to the needs of our community for rides to doctors and Shabbat services, visits, telephone calls, and support.

Pushke Barrels

In our lobby and foyer, we have permanent Pushke Barrels to collect food and toiletries for those in need.  Several times a year we also hold special drives to collect food, clothing, and school supplies for local needs.

Big Sunday and Mitzvah Day

University Synagogue partners with “Big Sunday” for its major Mitzvah Day in May, serving as a hub for charitable activities for many different groups.  In addition, we organize a synagogue-wide Mitzvah Day in January, working closely with our congregants and Religious School.

Promoting Discussion

Throughout the years, Tikkun Olam sponsors talks, movies, and discussions on topics of concern, such as interfaith relations, genocide, environmental issues, and local needs such as  homelessness.

Going Green

Tikkun Olam has taken the lead in ‘greening’ University Synagogue.  We now have paper recycling in all of our classrooms and offices, and we have switched from styrofoam to biodegradable cups, bowls and plates, both in our classrooms and kitchen.  We are raising flowers and vegetables in our Pre-School garden, and have been pro-active in pushing for change in our energy usage by encouraging members to lower their carbon footprint in a variety of ways.

Partnership Programs

  • Service at the Soup Kitchen, Friendship Shelter, Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter, and Families Forward.
  • We partner with Jewish World Watch on issues of genocide throughout the world.
  • We have a close relationship with our Religious School and Adult Education.

Join in Social Action

The Tikkun Olam committee meets monthly on a Sunday morning, and we welcome your participation.  Contact Jerri Klein-Kaplan at jkkaplan@cox.net or Kathe Katz at kkatz39@aol.com for more information.