Shabbat Dinner with Friends

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ShabbatHave a Nosh, Make a Friend

Picture yourself sitting around a Shabbat dinner table with other University Synagogue members whom you have just met.  The Shabbat candles are lit, blessings are sung and you feel a warmth that comes from sharing Jewish traditions together. You begin by introducing yourself, finding common interests, and breaking bread together.  By the end of the evening, you have traded stories and look forward to seeing each other at future Synagogue events.

This will be the scenario if you decide to participate in our Shabbat Dinner With Friends program on periodic Friday evening. You may choose to host Synagogue members or be a guest in someone’s home. Either way, you will enjoy a memorable evening which connects you with members of our congregational family.

Please contact Susie Rothfeder by email ( or phone (714-532-0787) if you would like to participate. You may host as few as 2 people or include as many as your table holds. Individuals, couples and families are all encouraged to take part in this event.  Please RSVP immediately.  Further details will be given to you regarding your participation.