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IMG_4545A Reconstructionist Congregation

At University Synagogue, our mission is to be a center of innovative and dynamic Judaism. If you are looking for an open atmosphere in which you can learn, celebrate and experience Judaism fully, you will find University Synagogue both comfortable and meaningful. We are committed to reaching out to all who are interested in Judaism, including interfaith couples and anyone in search of a modern, rational and joyous approach to Jewish life.

University Synagogue was founded by a group of men and women who wanted a more meaningful synagogue experience. We wanted a philosophy that shared our values and we found in Reconstructionism a form of Judaism that mirrored our deepest hopes for our lives. Since its founding, our congregation has grown rapidly, from 8 households to over 600, and we continue to grow. We have a dynamic Rabbi, an inspiring Cantor, and wonderful educators who lead our Pre-School and Religious School.

Embodying a sense of community, we kindle spirituality and foster intellectual challenge while broadening the boundaries of modern Jewish life. We welcome all who want a deeply satisfying Jewish experience, including interfaith families and couples. We offer a full range of programs centered on our continual striving to learn and understand ourselves as Jews and as part of all humanity.

At University Synagogue, we call ourselves a congregation, but we think of ourselves as an extended family – an authentic caring community. What unites us is a love of tradition and a desire for innovation. We do what Jews have always done; we weave the beauty of our heritage with the scientific and philosophical truths that we have learned in our lives.