Forty and Under Program

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couple40 And Under? Join University Synagogue For FREE!

University Synagogue opens our doors even more boldly and invites adults age 40-and-Under to enjoy and experience our humanistic, creative and joyous celebration of Judaism.  We are extending FREE membership to all who are 40-and-Under!

And we offer much more than affordability.

University Synagogue creates opportunities for people to come together to form an active network that offers education, social action, fellowship, fun and community.  Our events fulfill mitzvot, warm hearts, create connections and put smiles on the faces of all who attend.

Our 40-and-Under programs & events make it possible for young adults and families to connect, give back, be engaged and spend time with other members of the Jewish community.

If you are 40-and-Under and interested in connecting with other Jews who feel the same way, join University Synagogue today for FREE!

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Nicole Portillo at 949-553-3535 or